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CA GO Long John Life Family-Plus


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Ca Go FS200 Life: Safety first – carefully considered in every detail

The success story of Ca Go began with the FS200 Life. From the idea of providing the same level of passenger protection for children as in the automobile industry, an e-bike was created that sets new standards in terms of safety, ease of operation, and durability.

The FS200 Life appeals especially to young families who are looking for a fully-fledged car substitute in urban areas. For the Ca Go safety concept, the developers placed special emphasis on raising occupant protection for the smallest passengers to a new level. Children are well protected in the EPP safety passenger cell, which absorbs impact energy in the event of a collision. In addition, the external frame provides extra stability. The box has a particularly high shoulder line so that the children’s arms do not protrude. These are protected inside the box on the integrated armrests. Frame-mounted five-point safety harnesses keep the little passengers safely in the seat. The height-adjustable head restraints counteract restoring forces and prevent overstretching of the sensitive cervical vertebrae. The optional safety collar not only creates additional comfort but also protects against possible forces from the side. Ca Go was the first manufacturer to have its FS200 Life partake in the most common crash tests. This involved testing the wheel falling over as well as a rear impact with a stationary car and a side impact at 25 Km/h each. Due to the effective safety concept, the independent experts found that the FS200 Life has an overall low risk of injury for children. This makes the Ca Go FS200 Life a pioneer in the safe transport of children on cargo bikes.

However, the FS200 Life has also been designed with the riders in mind. Even without previous experience, the FS200 can be moved safely and quickly by anyone. Thanks to the low centre of gravity and the comfortable seating position, the FS200 rides almost like a normal bike. Very confidence-inspiring is the fact that the rider can place both feet on the ground at any time and thus can always find a secure footing. The four-pull double safety cable steering system allows a large steering angle and a turning circle from a standing position of only 2.25 metres. Once in motion, the generously dimensioned Magura disc brake system ensures impressive deceleration values.

Even in its basic configuration, the Ca Go FS200 is excellently equipped and designed for long-lasting riding pleasure. The Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor, the Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh battery, the comfortable, continuously variable enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub gears and the low-maintenance Gates belt drive including the belt tensioner are all indications of durability and low maintenance.

In general, the FS200 is prepared for anything. Wherever it is necessary, everything is designed for stability. The fact that the designers have succeeded in creating an extremely coherent design with repeating angles and elements is immediately apparent.

Numerous test wins and the feedback from the drivers prove how convincing the concept of the FS200 Life is.

Ca Go has developed an extensive range of accessories for the FS200 Life to meet the personal needs of modern families. This allows the bike to be truly customisable in terms of comfort, usability and safety. A special highlight is the All-Weather-Top – an all-season canopy with numerous clever details. For example, the All-Weather-Top can be converted from rain and snow to effective sun protection in just a few easy steps.

Ca Go is also breaking new ground in shipping the FS200 Life. Dealers receive their bikes completely assembled. This ensures high quality and reduces the dealer’s workload. In addition, shipping is largely free of packaging and waste – again a novelty in the bicycle industry.

Technical data:
– Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor
– Bosch PowerTube 625 Wh battery
– Lockable Battery-Safe (DualBattery Ready)
– Bosch Kiox display
– Magura disc brakes
– enviolo AUTOMATiQ hub
– Gates belt drive
– SUPERNOVA lighting system with high beam
– Ergon saddle
– Ergon grips

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